Summer Sailfish, Summer Storms

Report Date: July 23, 2020

Got chased in by storms at 10:30 this morning but not before 1 Rogue wave, 1 shark, 2 sailfish releases, 3 barracuda released and 4 missed kingfish bites. I was the benefactor of catching one of the sailfish by accident in about 5 seconds and then fought it for another 15 seconds before passing the rod off. We had hooked a sailfish on the kite and and after a few jumps in swan up sea. I cleared the stern flat line which was grassed up and went to move the front rod so the angler could go to the bow and I got tight. The fish tail walked to the boat, within about 5ft of the rod tip and never put its head back in the water until it did a lap around the boat with me chasing it. Top 3 tailwalks I’ve ever seen by a sail and I can’t wait to share the GoPro video when I get it. I laughed like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s good for me to still get that excited after 26 years of fishing for a living. I know I got a few more years in me..



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