Lott’s Of Effort

Report Date: June 24, 2020

Brutal day for me today. Covered 72 miles. Tried bottom fishing all over. Caught 2 muttons, 2 mangos, 8 Verms, 3 lanes, 4 AJs, 2 mahis, a couple of false albacore, and jumped a sailfish off. Also pitched baits at a pair of sailfish for about 7-8 minutes with out even getting a turn from them. The hanky Panky was in full swing. Fish were swimming inches apart, almost bumping each other, flashing on there sides, and tails turning on and off Blue. Saw a large cobia on the surface at anchor. He swam by the flatline, I hoped he was on the bottom where we were but we never saw him again in the next 45 minutes. Sails bit good last hour of the day but we were 10 miles out of position and had just hooked one ourselves in 50ft. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


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