Grouper, Mahi, And More

Report Date: May 21, 2020

One of those days...Oh what could have been...
Caught bait starred trolling caught a kingfish and later hooked a double header of mahi mahi. 4th day in row with a 20 plus pound fish on. Unfortunately the bull came off and we caught the smaller cow. Went a while with no more bites and switched gears to bottom fishing. The swell brought some fish out to bite I hope it last. We had by far the most grouper bites we’ve had since the season opened! Unfortunately we only landed 3 keepers a Black, Gag and Scamp! We had a conservative 14 more grouper bites that rocked us and broke our leaders. We also caught some Amberjacks keeping 2 a rudderfish, and some red snapper. Looking forward to tomorrow!







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