Rough But Dinner And A Show

Report Date: December 5, 2018

Ran up the ditch and took a comfortable but slightly wet ride offshore of Ft Pierce Inlet. We started trolling and went through a ton of baits on Bonito, Kingfish, and Blackfin tuna. We kept 3 Blackfin 8-10lbs and then finally hooked a double header of sailfish. We jumped one off and caught one. We had a hard NNW wind and a significant down current. The first fish we Caught was tail wrapped and when we laid side too we were making 3.8 knots to the south with wind and tide. It was tough to get back to the spot but we did and next down sea tack we hooked a single sail that we fought for 5 minutes before chaffing it off. Made a few more laps with no bites and decided to let it slide down sea. A few miles later we hooked another single sailfish and caught it. 2-4 and 3 nice Blackfin. It was really starting to blow now 20 plus and we were close to our home inlet much faster then I anticipated with the south tide. It was becoming hard to troll up-sea without filling the boat up with water and beating everyone up. In this video our speed was 3.4 knots over ground.

We caught 1 out of a couple mahis and missed another sailfish before it was time to go home.

A little dinner and a show!

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