Operation Sailfish Tournament

Report Date: January 16, 2020

What a day! Today we took a couple of Veterans fishing as part of the Operation Sailfish Tournament. It was a fun day, no real rules but some cool prizes. We left a little late due to one of the Vets work schedule and headed offshore to flat calm seas. Fishing was from 8-2. Long story short we made 11 moves today trying to make it happen and the first kite bite I had came at 3:15 during overtime and out of desperation. We released a single sailfish and caught 3 Bonito simultaneously. Essentially the amount of our day, minus 2 Amberjack and a shark. I looked at 6 bottom spots for try and catch some snapper but nothing marked up for me despite yesterday’s action. The fish felt cold yesterday so they may explain their disappearance. Got a tag in our fish today.


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