Lures Riverfront Restaurant Fishing Charter

Report Date: December 3, 2018

Had Johnny, Jesse, Brandon, Ramsey, and Anthony from Lures Riverfront Restaurant out fishing for a full day aboard the DayMaker. Had a little bit of bait penned up and stopped and caught some small blue runners before heading off to troll. We started out trolling in 90ft in some scattered grass and by 8:45 we hadn’t had the first bite or seen the first bird or flying fish. We were in 130ft and the current was smoking to the north 2.8 knots so I knew bottom fishing was gonna be a challenge. We needed some bites otherwise it was gonna be along day. As I trolled over the second bottom spot the left flat next to the dredge popped out. As I was dropping the flatline back a sail stuck its head and dorsal out of the water. I threw the left short into free spool with my left hand and put the right flat back in the rod holder while finishing feeding the first fish. I told one of the guys to grab the flatline and slowly start to crank as I came tight on the sail on the left short. The initial fish was paddling back toward the dredge and we eventually came tight on both. Assuming another could be around I put the boat in a circle and started to prospect. Unfortunately while I was doing that both fish got crossed up in the sun and 1 burned the other off. We eventually released that fish and I got re rigged as were were 1/2 mile from our bites. I put it on the boulevard back that way and as I was getting close I decided to prospect the left flat past the dredge. On the 2nd prospect we were hooked to our 3rd sail of the morning. As I was handing the rod off our right flat popped out and we were hooked to another double-header of jumping sailfish. This time the fish were not in the sun as I made my turn, I pulled the left long rigger down and a kingfish skied on the left long bait and hit the main line of one of Sailfish at the same time and we’ll... we broke that one off. We did catch the other and as I got back to the spot we had a wahoo airmail the left short and the left long but I couldn’t jig him up. For the next 3.5 hours trolling we never had a bite. the good news is if we were gonna catch much trolling it’s always good to catch a couple anglers their first ever Sailfish. Congrats Anthony and Brandon

We went bottom fishing and had to work hard at it with the conditions. Are drift was incredible fast with the north current and south wind. We power fished about 15 spots catching a mutton snapper, 8 Genuine Reds, 15 sea bass only 2 keepers, 4 nice lane snapper, couple porgies, some bLiners, and 4 amberjacks to 25lbs.

We also lost 3 nice size fish to sharks.

Canceled my bottom fishing regulars from nettles for their trip Wednesday because of the forecast and moved my trolling regulars from today to Wednesday to get on the back side of the cold front. Gonna run the ditch in the morning and look for a herd of mahis and sails!

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