Our Last Day Of The Pelican Billfish Tournament

Report Date: January 10, 2020

Today was our final day of fishing in the Pelican and we are fortunate to be holding on to first place after a dismal performance on my part. We had 3 sailfish bites today releasing 1. We released 19 out of 32 bites in 3 days. Congrats to the Intents on the daily win and currently in 2nd place with 19 releases. Tomorrow will be a long day watching the AP there are some great teams fishing and definitely in reach of beating all of us. Today was by far the roughest day I’ve ever captained a boat and possibly the roughest day I’ve ever fished. We made 6 knots going offshore and fell out of the sky 1 time. It was at that point when waves were eye level and breaking toward us I was putting the boat in reverse to ease the fall. We scooped countless waves over the bow throwing water into the isenglass and over the hardtop on up sea tacks. After going over the wave we were sinking the transom and throwing 6-8” of water in the cockpit. Pretty crazy day. Glad everyone was safe and hope everyone is safe tomorrow.


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