Grouper, Jacks

Report Date: March 24, 2020

Fished a 3/4 day today. Tried for cobia In the morning and had a cut off and caught a juvenile Amberjack. Was running offshore to try another area and saw a frigate In 55ft dipping on flyers. Spun around, swung out the riggers and fired some baits out thinking mahi mahi. Hooked a sailfish and fought it for 5 minutes before it jumped off. Chased bird down and missed another. Drilled a hole with no other bites and headed offshore. Tried a new bottom spot I found yesterday and caught a jumbo lane and some small lanes and sea bass. Plenty of big runners and bluefish. Once the trash thins out this a potential goldmine. Back to trolling no bites and tried deep dropping with no luck. Went live bait bottom fishing and caught a limit of nice Amberjack and a lucky Gag grouper. Gave the guys the option to chicken rig or live bait with @stuartlivebait herring for a sail, mahi or tuna. They chose the latter, no bites. Tried cobia again in 3 spots, no bites...




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