Giant Wahoo

Report Date: July 7, 2020

Heart breaker! Started the morning on the reef trying to catch a cobia with John and Mike. Mike saw a fish so I grab pitched a spinner out with 40lb leader. I literally just put the rod in the rod holder and the drag raced off. I knew it was a nice fish just not sure how nice. John was on the bow and 5 minutes in said I see stripes. Wahoo! For An hour and 5 minutes I did everything I could to keep the fish off the starboard bow figuring he was hooked in the left side of the face since we hadn’t been cut off yet. We had the leader on the rod 20 times and within 3ft of gaff range 2 times. The fish stayed lit up for 40 plus minutes and was in total control. An hour in the fish made a blistering run of a couple hundred yards and resettled we got close again and then she took off again but got very erratic darting all over the place left right back left fast runs all different directions. On the 3rd run back at the boat the fish bit through the leader. These are the best pics I got with the glare. One is of the tail and the fish going away and one broadside. I estimated the fish at around 70-75” in length based on the couple of close visuals. Definitely a fish of a life time and a bummer of a story. The Adrenalin rush I had this morning was crazy! Jacked up! I’m guessing the fish to be in the 80lb class but I could be way off in either direction based on some research today. @captnickstanczyk fish last week was 69” 69lbs. Mike Kirkhart @newwavetaxidermy has molds of fish from 68-72” range that go from 90-115lbs. My guess the difference between traveling and residential fish and where they were caught. Talked to Capt Jamie of Old Number 7 and he caught a couple of fish this winter on mono that were 80-90lbs and around 6ft so whoooo knows LOL! Will never know just only dream. Caught a limit of Amberjacks to 35lbs and a dozen snapper we kept!


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