Fun Day Offshore, Lots Of Boats

Report Date: February 17, 2019

Interesting day today. Lots of bait, and even more boats lol.

Started out filing the well with bait and then I decided to start trolling because honestly I’d rather have my appendix rupture then to bump troll live baits. Anyway the bite was pretty slow to start. We missed a sail trolling right out of the gate and then fished our way to the North. We hooked and released a sailfish for Jeff. I Got some great photos of it jumping while I had it on the leader. For some reason I decided to radio fish after another hour without a bite and ran south to where a boat had caught 4 sailfish. When I got there there was 40 boats in 200ft on a edge . So I fished inshore to be by myself. Found a beautiful condition and decided it was time to put the Tigress Outriggers & Gear kites up and live bait. Saw lots of flyers getting up on a green to blended change and saw a free jumper sail. But we never had a bite. I made 2 moves and reset and still no bites. By 2pm we had had 2 sailfish bites all day and both came before 10am and no incidental bites. I decided to make a power move north. We set out at 2:30 and within 20 minutes we started to finally have some bites. All though we were fishing mono and they were kingfish we watched a impressive arial display before finally snagging a 35lb kingfish in the corner of the mouth with a circle hook. Shortly after we caught a small gaffer Mahi mahi. Then I got cleaned out by Kingfish again and we were now in to overtime. My flatlines has no hooks, my stern long kite bait had no hook. We had 3 baits in the water when I saw Jeff out of the corner of my eye getting jumpy, when I looked at his bait he had two sails competing for his kite bait. I ran over to help him and he came tight. I looked to the bow and both Dave and Henry’s baits were out of the water. I yelled for them to get the baits back in the water as there were multiple sailfish, meanwhile Jeff’s fish tail-walked right into the side of the boat. I grabbed the leader while watching the bow baits. I took a couple wraps and tried to get rid of the fish quick to help Dave and Henry who now had sails chasing their baits. The leader wouldn’t break lol the fish was doing flips at the transom and I’m trying to run past Jeff to the bow with the leader wrapped around my hand and sailfish in tow. Finally the leader parted and I squeezed pass Jeff to help Henry hook our 2nd fish. There were multiple sails fighting over his bait as well. He came tight and I zipped the kite in and cranked on Dave’s bait and got shampooed head and shoulders by a 3rd sail that was a little more aggressive then his two buddies. With every other rod clipped off from the previous kingfish blitz I decided to go with what we had and we chased down the last two fish to end the day.

What a memorable way to end. It only takes a second for a bite. Patience is a virtue. From zero to hero. #daymaker

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