Another First Sailfish

Report Date: January 29, 2020

Mahi mahi, blackfin tuna and the 1 sailfish we needed for Sir Richard. We started out kite fishing where we ended yesterday and 15 minutes after getting set up and only a shark bite the wind flopped out. We saved the kites and went trolling. The grass was challenging to say the least and we caught a few bonito. The wind came back up and I put the kites back up to help deal with the grass. It was still a challenge...a few sailfish bites were happening down south we ran 11 miles and set up with the kites. We caught a mahi mahi on our first drift. Next drift 20 minutes after getting set up the wind went from 15 knots to zero and we dunked the kites as I scrambled to save everything. Back to trolling... we hooked a double header of sailfish and Richard caught his first and @reelmusicstuart jumped his off. Shortly after we caught a nice blackfin and jumped another sailfish off to end the day.



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