Final Day At Ocean Reef

Report Date: January 25, 2020

We got a little dialed in on our 2nd day of fishing in ocean reef for the reef cup. We saw enough fish yesterday to comfortably win the tournament (15) but only had 3 fish bite and caught 2. We found fish around 10:30 while making a move to the south. They were showering ballyhoo in 25-40ft of water. We caught the first 2 out of 3 we threw at. And we decided for the rest of the day we would run around within the 20 mile fishing boundary and look for ballyhoo showers. We ended up seeing a pile of more fish including 3 doubles but we never had another bite. We practiced fished for 3 hours one day, never saw a sailfish on our next day and then saw enough to win. It was a palatable progression but not good enough. The tournament does not allow kite fishing so it is unique to watch 60 boats drift or slow troll with baits out of the riggers. And with all the fish I saw get caught I can’t say that I noticed a pattern. Boats were going with the current, against the current, side too, drifting, going slow, going fast...and fishing rigger to rigger. We didn’t win or even compete for that matter, but as usual with @wrappedupfishing @reelsynergyfishing We had a blast more fun then you’re supposed too...
Thanks Capt Marshal Busha, Capt Dave Dalfo for all the help as usual. Dave congrats on your new job. Thanks Geoff, Lach, Chris, Ryan and B-Ray and the wives for the hospitality (food,golf,lodging) and of course the opportunity to try something new! Highlight. Caught some giant by-catch. Cero mackeral, yellow tails and tallies. 100% AU!


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