Dust Em Off Sailfish Tournament

Report Date: November 9, 2019

What a day of adversity. Started when we got to the boat in the morning and 90 herring were stolen out of our pen the night before. Overcame that. Then we were greeted with TOP 3 worst weather days I’ve ever fished in 25 years let alone kite fish. First time kite fishing in the rain, first time using holy kites for me. Constant rain, a period of 4 hours with 30-40 knot winds. It was a day in the tower I won’t soon forget. Tried to stay where we caught our first fish but we couldn’t the boat was filling up with water going north. Ended back there after 1pm and it’s where the tournament was won. Oh well!
See 15 sails, 10 in spread, 7 bites, release 6. 9 dunked kites, 1 lost ballon, 2 popped balloons, 6 broken spars, 2 bottles of fireball, 1 bottle of jager, 2 cases of beer. The anglers stayed warm. Lol. AND A WHOLE LOT OF EDUCATION....finished 8th out of 50 boats, looking forward to the next one!




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