Double 1/2s Today

Report Date: January 26, 2020

WOW! Remarkably tough day today. Fished double 1/2s and caught bait. Put the kites up and waited and waited and waited some more for our clients bucket list fish. It’s the end of January, 3rd cold front in 10 days, NNW wind 10-15 knots, north current, clear skies and Monday we had 15 sailfish bites. Catching 4 would seem reasonable. We had 1 bonito bite all morning and moved a few different times. Spent last 30 minutes trying for snapper we caught 1, a blue runner and a grunt!
I’ve gave my afternoon guys the speech about the fishing but they opted to go anyway. We caught more bait, headed to new territory and kite fished for 2 hours with ZERO bites of any kind. Decided to try the bottom in a few different spots and we caught a dozen lanes, a couple genuine reds, 6 triggerfish, and some Seabass. We set back out for the last 40 minutes hoping for a sailfish. And miracles do happen. With 5 minutes left in the day Kevin caught and released his first ever sailfish which is now equipped with a @thebillfishfoundation tag.


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