Double 1/2s Today

Report Date: May 30, 2019

Fished double 1/2s today. Bought some bait and headed offshore. Found a relatively grass free zone in 90-100ft and start bump trolling live bait in glass calm conditions. We caught a couple kingfish right away and then nothing. Made a wiggle offshore and fished about 10 minutes before being inundated with grass but we caught a double header of false albacore. Grass closed us out so made a move and ran and ran and ran and finally found a sliver of water NW back in 80ft. Caught another bonito and fed it to a porpoise.

Decided to try the bottom despite the flow meter being pegged. We were able to catch 4 Amberjack keeping 3, 1 almaco and a red snapper.

I talked to my afternoon group and explained the conditions and that my hands were tied with what we could do and where we could fish and gave them the option to reschedule but they opted to go.

We cleared inlet to a crisp breeze and I was actually excited I might be able to put the kites up. I spoke with Bryan at STUART Live Bait and got some more bait on our way out for our 2nd 1/2. Running off I got rigged for kite fishing but when we passed 60ft it got flat calm again and the current was ripping. Decided to bump troll and we had two Kings clip us off. Decided to go bottom fishing and ran all over the place trying to dodge the current. We power fished from 82ft to 140ft and had 2.5 knots of current in 82ft and close to 4 in 140ft. Needless to say we didn’t really catch much. 4 Seabass and 4 Amberjack keeping 2 and 2 almaco Jacks





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