Dinner And A Show

Report Date: May 29, 2020

2nd day with Bernie and his buddies. Had intentions to kite fish but couldn’t find more then 15 quality scale baits. So we went trolling. Caught 1-2 mahis and released a double header out of a triple of sails, a fish on the FishRazr strip teaser, a fish on the planer and a shampoo bite on the big bait on a 50 Penn International. Our only bites from 8:30-12. Both guys caught their first sailfish and both sails were released with @thebillfishfoundation tags. We ran all over Gods creation trying to catch a grouper we were met by north surface current but south tide on the bottom. Anchoring was not a option with those conditions. We had slow fishing with just a few fish breaking us off and a rudderfish. After a 12 mile power movers end the day I found a pod of fish but WE GOT WORKED! 1-11 on quality bites getting broke off or rocked 10 times. The only fish we caught again today was on the ole @hookerelectricreels. Our gag weighed 21lbs and we caught a AJ as well.



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