We Came In 2nd Place

Report Date: December 8, 2019

Well that’s a wrap. 2nd place overall, 1st place money. First time fishing the Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic in 6 years and had a blast and look forward to next year. We ended up having 8 bites in the last hour of the day. We raised a 5 banger and had some bad luck only holding on to two of them. Then missed one, then caught a single putting us a in a tie for second but third place on time. We had a team discussion and decided if we hooked another and didn’t see a second fish immediately we were clearing the spread and going for 2nd place. At 3:06 we hooked a sail I turned into the sun saw no more and we backed through the teasers and released the fish at 3:08. This proved huge as the Intents releases a 13th fish 5 minutes later. 2nd place overall 1st place money. Thanks Capt Marshal Busha and Capt Dave Dalfo for all the hard work and to the anglers for all the excellent work and attention on the rods. 13-17 overall




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