3/4 Day Followed By A 1/2

Report Date: April 19, 2019

Fished an abbreviated 3/4 day with Rusty Smith his father Freeman and his son Bradley. We caught some bait and then stated trolling. Multiple edges, more grass then we want and meager fishing. We caught a nice sized mahi and when I put the boat back in gear the left long came down with a sailfish but it pulled off. We fished around and lost another mahi or two and caught another 1. We also caught a couple bonito. Tried the bottom and caught some B-Liners, 2 AJs, and some genuine reds.

This afternoon given the slow trolling we went bottom fishing with Rich and his buddies. We landed on a goldmine but the sharks were atrocious and every quality fish was devoured. We made 15 moves during the course of the day and caught 3 Amberjack, 4 rudderfish, and 19 snapper we kept.

You can keep the grass and you can keep the sharks.








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