Day 2 Fish Heads Quickie WE WON!

Report Date: November 28, 2018

Well we had an eventful morning to say the least. After fixing what we thought was the oil leak on our turbo drain last night we left the dock with confidence this morning at 5:30 and ran the ditch to the Ft Pierce inlet. We did an ER check at the first two causeways and no oil leak so we made the long run to the no wake zone at the Ft Pierce south bridge. When we slowed down and looked in the ER we had oil again. I got on the phone to Terry and Capt Dave took us into the Pelican Yacht Club Fuel Dock. We deemed the leak was not from the drain and gasket issue last night but from the feed line on top of the turbo. So up came the teak holly, carpet, sound down and two Engine room hatches. With a flashlight and a 22mm wrench I was able to get a 1/4 turn on the feed line. We cleaned the oil up, wrapped some oil absorbs around areas for quick reference to see if it came back and we put everything back together and headed offshore. It was plenty dusty this morning and about and hour and a 1/2 after fishing we got hit by a wave and broke 530lb mono and lost a triple dredge and a lot of money in islanders Lures. Sadly it was the side our fish have been coming too so we were down for about 20 minutes Dave and Marshal reloaded our spare set up with our backup Islanders.

It was 10:45 and no sightings and maybe 3 fish for the fleet so we made a wiggle south and inshore. Tacked over 5 bottom spots and then found pay dirt on 1 and caught a couple of quick singles. The area dried up and we made a 8 mile wiggle south and set out a couple miles above the Floridian who had caught 3 fish and we caught our 3rd fish of the day while Glenn was fighting his 4th. He added another and we never saw another. Went through Over 260 baits in 2 days tons of mahis, tuna and 8-8 on sailfish my guys made me look good!

Congrats to Floridian on the daily and 2nd and the Champagne Lady on 3rd

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