1/2 Day Wahoo Blue Marlin

Report Date: August 20, 2020

! So... had a 1/2 day with @ngobigdeal and @jk_padgett. Started out trolling and after a few minutes we had a wahoo on the planer rod. Got the fish skipping and was able to see the elongated dorsal and the color and if you slow the video down when my big head gets in the way you’ll see and tail kick and the wahoo is gone. Didn’t see a dorsal or bill and with all of our shark issues I assumed it was a shark. It wasn’t until the leader parted and the fish came up jumping (end of video left side) it was a blue marlin I estimated around 300lbs. Happened a little further away then I originally thought maybe 30-40ft behind the boat. None the less it ended up being a lot cooler then losing a wahoo to a shark. We also jumped a sailfish off a few turns later but was our only trolling bites. Current is kicking. We released 2 Amberjack 30 and 50lbs. Also caught Seabass, triggerfish and a mutton snapper.

Video on FB at DayMaker charters


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