Kite Fishing For Sailfish

Kite fishing for sailfish.My two favorite things as a kid were flying a kite and fishing. Now, as a professional fishing guide, it�s an all-in-one method and an exciting way to fish.  Fishing with kites requires live bait.  The day begins when we catch fresh live bait to fish from the kites.  Once we find the right spot, the live baits are suspended from two kites that are flown from the boat in opposite directions creating the widest spread you can to cover more area.  As baits dangle from the kite they constantly try to swim down sending out amazing vibration and stress signals.  This makes fishing a live bait from a kite the most effective live bait method.  Most of our clients love this unique setup.  Everyone is actively involved and can fish their own bait, hook their own fish and fight it from start to finish.  The coolest part of the kite fishing in my opinion, besides the effectiveness, is the bite.  Because the baits are suspended as close to the surface as possible without coming out of the water the bite is usually seen by everyone on the boat.  Not only are you able to see the fish and identify it but it completes the ultimate experience.  See him, hook him, catch him all by yourself.

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Kite fishing methods start when the live bait shows up.  When cold fronts push through during the Winter months sails move from the North to the South surfing down sea in the North swell.  Bodies of sailfish arrive well before big bodies of bait arrive.  The bait does not move nearly as fast and usually requires a dip in sea surface temperature to push the bait South.  The sails move from North to South and South to North with each changing weather condition during the Winter.  But when the bait finally arrives the sails lock in and that is when some of the best charter fishing for sailfish will occur.

In addition to kite fishing, we also troll for sailfish. Learn more!

All pelagic fish that we can catch with dead ballyhoo on circle hooks we can catch on live bait with a kite.  The common by-catch is Dolphin, Kingfish, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, Bonito, Shark and Cobia.

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